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Maidenahalli Blackbuck Reserve – On the way

Our last getaway was during the beginning of this year and we were getting bogged down with the daily activities of life. My wife (JerryJerrygoing forward) feels that most of my time at home is gobbled up by my comp i.e. Internet and I don’t spend enough time with her. I cannot really contradict that, but hey, she also spends a lot of her time blogging away. That incidentally, has become a great stress buster for her and her blog posts are really captivating. Please don’t think that I am singing praises of my lovely Jerry it’s a fact. Coming back to the topic of me spending a lot of time on the internet, in this case proved really helpful I found our next weekend getaway spot “Maidenahalli Blackbuck reserve”. I can bet most of the Bangloreans wouldn’t be aware of this place, – well, I wasn’t :). It’s not even mentioned in any of the travel guides that I have perused. I should thank Rohini for share the photographs of the place, which are just amazing. She also had a detailed route map, which really helped. Inspite of all this, we did lose our way in a couple places.

Maidenahalli is around 130 kms by road from Bangalore through Tumkur and there are a couple of ways through which you can get there. 130 Kms and the way I drive I thought that if we leave at around 6AM we should be able to reach the place around 10.30AM including one pit stop for breakfast. The alarm was set for 5AM. I woke up suddenly realizing that I hadn’t charged the batteries for the camera (still & video) and instantly sprang out of the bed. It was 4 AM and that gave us a lot of time to get ready. Did I tell you that Jerry’s amazingly laid-back? Oh – She is. We finally left around 6.30 AM. We were traveling from KR Puram and decided to go through the city (my shortcut) rather than taking the outer ring road. There wasn’t much traffic on the roads and we reached Kamath around 9 AM. There was a small play area there and the compound wall which was close to 25feet high had a lot of holes in it and few Mynas had turned them into their nests.

We left Kamat and stopped immediately at CCD to pack our lunch. On the way Jerry was worried ‘bout the food being stale and us being stuck with no lunch. I  reassured her and we kept moving and managed to lose our way near an under construction over-bridge. I think we would have traveled at least 15 Kms out off track and finally thought of seeking some help from the local people, who were really very helpful. We spotted quite a few birds and the Green Bee Catchers were predominate. With great effort I managed to get a couple to shots and this inspite of their quick flying skills. We continued our journey aross a beautiful sunflower field and finally reached the reserve at around 11:30 AM and it was hot

Video Section :-

To be continued …..


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