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Maidenahall Blackbuck Reserve – Sighting

I was eager and was looking all around and so was Jerry and we couldn’t spot any living object. We went past the watch towers (Observation points) and a few yards after the gate we saw some locals working on some construction. I approached one f them and asked him where I can spot Jinkaes(Deer). He immediately pointed his hand and there they were, grazing at a distance. I asked him if the existing mud road would lead to a spot closer to them and he said yes. We managed to drive our way across the parched landscape and came at shooting range and clicked a couple of snaps. The herd consisted of a dominant male guiding a bunch of 5 female deers and a couple of calves. They were curious ‘bout us and kept their eyes on us all the time.

The terrain stopped us from proceeding further and we decided to head back to the observation tower to have an early lunch. It was around 12:10 PM. We had a leisurely lunch at the second tower, which was higher that the first one. We were discussing if we will ever get a close up of the Blackbuck and to our luck a lone stag, who was lost in his own world was lethargically passing just a few feet away from the observation tower and he didn’t even notice us. We maintained complete silence and managed to get a series of shots. He moved in to the bushes and we decided to follow him. We tried tracking him but he disappeared into the woods. We came back and thought of taking a nap in the car, which did happen but I also  managed to have some personal time with Jerry.

It was around 2 PM and we decided to go on a second round and this time luck was on our side. A few yards before the gate I spotted a fox which immediately took refuge in a nearby burrow. We waited for a while to get a shot but it was in vain. We moved ahead and spotted another group and were able to get some decent shots. Heading further we came across a small watering hole and spotted a Red-wattled Lapwing. I stepped out of the car and was able to manage a couple of snaps without scaring the bird.

We spotted a small herd further away from the watering hole and now it was Jerry’s turn to show her skills with the camera. I picked up the video cam and started recording the event. She was able to manage some good snaps and after a while the herd started to flee. I tried another path hoping to intersect the herd further ahead and was able to get there in time for some lovely snaps. Having had a good share of Blackbucks we decided to head back to B’lore . A few yards after the ghat Jerry spotted a stag, he stood there and posed for a couple of snaps. All of a sudden he turned around and fled, cause a villager approaching on his bicycle.


There goes our last Blackbuck…

Video Section :-

Climax pending 🙂


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